North Carolina Hard Money Lender

Lima One Capital is the nation’s premier hard money lender for residential real estate investors.  We were founded with the mission to revolutionize hard money lending and we have continued to grow and expand into one of the top rental finance and hard money lenders in the country.  We offer hard money loans for real estate investors across the country and we look forward to working with investors in the great state of North Carolina.

Unparalleled Borrowing Experience

We take great pride in offering the best customer service in the hard money industry.  Our borrowers will never be charged any hidden costs or junk fees and we work to close our hard money loans quickly.  We offer the most straightforward hard money rates and terms and we are fully capitalized.  To continue providing industry leading customer service we continuously invest in new forms of technology and processes to give our borrowers a great hard money experience.

Loan Programs Designed for Investors

To help real estate investors be successful and take advantage of the great opportunities in today’s real estate market we created two loan programs that are tailored to fit their needs.  Both the Fix-N-Flip and Rental30 are available to investors in North Carolina. The Fix-N-Flip is our short term loan program that allows for investors to use 90% loan to cost financing to purchase and rehab a single-family residential property.  We also offer rates as low as 9.99% with borrower experience determining the rate based off of the number of completed flips in the last 24 months, even deals that were not financed by Lima One Capital!  Investors pursuing a buy and hold strategy will be able to use our Rental30 loan to either purchase or refinance a single property or an entire portfolio of properties.  The Rental30 is a 30-year, fixed-rate, fully amortized loan and is a great way to build a stream of passive monthly income through rental properties.

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Applying for hard money financing with Lima One Capital is easy, simply fill out our online application and a member of our team will contact you to begin the underwriting process.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about Lima One Capital or our loan programs at 1-800-390-4212.